Heidi Petitjean, also known as ‘Heidi Petite’, is a 22-Year-old Songwriter, influenced by both Folk and R&B. Heidi was born in Harborne, Birmingham in 1994, to a part Indian Mother and part French Father. At the age of 8 Heidi began writing her own music after being inspired by the cult movie ‘Coyote Ugly’. Throughout her teenage years she explored many avenues and genres of music, whilst teaching herself to play guitar and piano. By the age of 18, Heidi’s musical endeavours continued, as she developed 3 of her own popular live music events,'Paint,' ‘Society’ and ‘Musicality’. Although she did not herself perform at these events, this was her first exposure to the music industry.

Heidi grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of William Shakespeare, where the poetry influenced the entire culture of the small market town in which Heidi first practiced songwriting. In contrast, at the age on 18, Heidi began to explore London’s underground house music scene where she first became introduced to DJing and music production. 

”I partied lots, met a load of creatives, fell in love and started writing my stories through songs.” 

Heidi also explores the world of Art by utilising colour, mixed media and vinyls - she even creates her own cover artwork for her music. Heidi is an advocate of gender equality and promotes the importance of education across the globe. Heidi studied Songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music, prior to this, she studied handbag design at London’s College of Fashion. Her creative obsession with rainbows and vibrant colours started when she was young, she even admits having recurring dreams of a giant rainbow man sitting in the corner of her room. Heidi’s connection to colour is represented throughout her social media channels and translates across her fashion, art and music.

Furthermore, she is the founding member of 'Confetti Crowd,' the UK's 1st official Girl Gang of Creatives. Heidi moved from Stratford-upon-Avon to London in 2014 to start Confetti Crowd and pursue her career in the music industry. She has flourished within the London creative scene by shooting numerous creative campaigns and working alongside big brands such as Topshop, Nike, Estée Lauder, Dr. Martens and Ribena.

'A young rainbow who is soon to show her full spectrum of colours.'